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Localization Hub

Many foreign businesses try to enter the Japanese market, but a lot of them fail, since the Japanese market is very different compared to the global market. Language, culture, design, taste, market structure, trend cycle etc…


Localization Support will assist your business from all angles, connecting local specialists to match your business needs, and launch your business successfully in the Japanese market.

We will also connect you to various sales channels to accelerate your business.





Localization Hub.png

If you have a business that you want to launch in Japan, but don’t have the budget or resource to make it happen, we can collaborate to localize your business to launch in the Japanese market without any expense on your end.

We will gather a specialized team in Japan to localize your business in the best form possible. Your business seed will be licensed to us, and we will launch the business with the local team within 3 to 6 months.





Using our vast networks and sales channels in Japan, we will effectively market and distribute your products and services in the Japanese market. Please contact us if you have interest in working together with us. We have a native English-speaking team to support you. 



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